'THE PARTY HOUSE'  - (Promo)

September 2015 - Promotional Spot


                     •Sony A7s with Leica R primes









'Another Brick In The Wall'

June/July 2015 - Feature


                     •Red Epic with Rehoused Cooke s2 Panchro Primes & Kinoptic Macro Primes








'Portrait of A Young Woman'

May 2015 - Short 

                     •Canon C300 with Leica R series cine-mods.








'The Killing of a Basic Bitch'

  May 2015 - Short Film


                     •Canon T2i with Leica Primes & a Sony a6000 with Zeiss Primes





'Katie Quinby - "Jack & Jill'

  Sep. 2014 - Music Video


                     •Shot on a Panasonic GH4 & Leica R Primes



Sep. 2013 - Short


                                    •Shot on a Sony F65 & Cooke 20-100mm


Feb. 2012 - Short

Sometimes a hair is just a hair... 

    •Shot on a RED Epic & Leica R series Lenses


January 2012Music Video 


Edited by Robby Barnett.                    


                       • Shot on Canon 7D with Leica R Primes


'Empty Bottle' Promo

   October 2011 - Commerical


​A promotional spot for the venue The Empty Bottle in Chicago, IL.  Crew consisted of myself as DoP and 2 additional camera operators.  The goal was to simply capture the 3  bands that played that night.  Edited impeccably by the one and only, Robby Barnett.


• Shot on a 5DM2, and two 7D's with Leica, Zeiss, & Nikon Primes.

'LMNTL - $Money$'


September 2011 - Music Video


Directed & Cut by Robby Barnett.  Additional photography by Justin Flocco.


             Shot on a 5DM2/7D Combo, with Canon & Leica glass.




             July/August 2011 - Feature

A group of twenty somethings, all from the same wealthy Chicago suburb, linger in the city years after graduating from college. Andy has lost her job at the museum and Henry has dropped out of graduate school. Eddie still lives at home and works at a used bookstore, and Walter is back from L.A. to visit friends and family (but instead holes up in his hotel room, and at his ex-girlfriend's). James, Elizabeth, Lydia, and Sophie are all getting married. Privileged, over-educated, and indecisive, they stumble slowly - and not so surely - towards adulthood.

  •Shot on Canon 5DM2 & 7D with Leica R series Lenses.


Roger Ebert of The Chicago Sun-Times

Michael Phillips of The Chicago Tribune

Ben Sachs of The Chicago Review


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